Rehabilitative Day Treatment Services

Southwest provides Adult Day Treatment Programs in Brewton, Monroeville, and Grove Hill, Alabama.  Day Treatment provides active structured rehabilitative interventions that specifically address individual life goals, build on personal strengths and assets, improves functioning, increase skills, promote a positive quality of life and develop support networks.  The goal of Rehabilitative Day Treatment is to provide long-term recovery services to improve functioning, facilitate recovery, achieve personal life goals, regain self worth, optimize illness management, and help consumers to become productive participants in family and community life.


Services offered to Day Program participants will provide comprehensive consumer education through exploration, practice opportunities, and demonstrations.  These learning experiences seek to enhance a consumer's social, emotional, and intellectual skills while seeking to reduce deficits in these areas.  Treatment services such as medication assessment, monitoring and administration will be available to program participants through the outpatient program of the center.

328 W. Claiborne St.
P.O. Box 964
Alabama 36460
Tel: (251)575-4203

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