Residential Services

Clarke Place Residential Home, 14 Beds, Grove Hill, Alabama
Congregate living facilities that are structured programs, supervised twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week by caring and qualified staff.  The mission of residential services is to assist individuals with serious mental illness to understand the nature of their illness and gain the social, educational and vocational skills to move toward independence.  Residential programs offer a structured environment that will recognize and reinforce individual strengths and remediate weaknessess through appropriate treatment and respectful care.  To insure adequate psychiatric and social development, residential services are integrated with other community mental health services to provide the residents with comprehensive and viable alternatives that promote independent living within the community.  Southwest's residential programs serve serious mentally ill residents of Clarke, Escambia, Conecuh, and Monroe counties, however consumers from other counties may be served depending on availability of space.


Clarke Place is a designated Mental Health Facility operating in accordance with Section 4903 of the Community Mental Health Service Standards.  The residential program receives persons for evaluation, examination, admission and treatment pursuant to the provision of the Alabama Commitment Law.

328 W. Claiborne St.
P.O. Box 964
Alabama 36460
Tel: (251)575-4203

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