Compass School

The Compass School is a collaborative effort of Southwest Alabama Behavioral Health Care Systems, Escambia County District Judge, Escambia County Schools and Brewton City Schools.  Each of the community agencies has committed resources for the development of the program.  The school will serve a maximum of 45 adolescents in Escambia County, Alabama.  The school is registered with the State Department of Education through the Escambia County School Board.

The Compass School Program is in response to the need for community based mental health and education services to serve Escambia County Adolescents with emotional or behavioral problems.  The Compass School has as its purpose to provide an all-inclusive program of care and support for the student in a safe and structured alternative school setting.  The anticipated outcome is that through various therapeutic and educational measures, adolescent emotional and behavioral problems can be effectively addressed.  To help facilitate this change, the program will successfully integrate the challenges of physical training,life skills training and individualized educational goals to address the student's life goals and build on their personal strengths and assets.

The following are some of the major goals and objectives of the Compass School:

  • To achieve success through individualized educational and behavioral health services.
  • To provide opportunities to develop a positive behavioral value system.
  • To offer quality education and encourage academic success.
  • To develop a positive work ethic and responsible behavior at home, school and in the community.
  • To reduce juvenile justice recidivism by providing aftercare and support services to the student and their families.

328 W. Claiborne St.
P.O. Box 964
Alabama 36460
Tel: (251)575-4203

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