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AHA News: Preterm Babies May Have Higher Stroke Risk as Young Adults - 2021-06-17
"Babies born prematurely may have significantly higher risk of stroke as young adults -- and the earlier the birth, the greater the risk, suggests an extensive new study." More

Red Cross Warns of Severe Blood Shortage - 2021-06-17
"There's a severe blood shortage in the United States due to a recent surge in trauma cases, organ transplants and elective surgeries, the American Red Cross says." More

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Challenge to Affordable Care Act - 2021-06-17
"The landmark Affordable Care Act, which has expanded health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans, has withstood a third challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court." More

Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Do No Harm to Male Fertility: Study - 2021-06-17
"The Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines pose no threat to male fertility, a finding experts hope will prompt more men to get vaccinated." More

Fast-Food Companies Spending More on Ads Aimed at Youth - 2021-06-17
"The U.S. fast-food industry has boosted spending on ads targeting kids, especially Black and Hispanic youth, new research shows." More

Treating Teachers' Depression Could Boost Young Students' Grades: Study - 2021-06-16
"When depression strikes teachers, they can suffer mightily, but a new study suggests their students' ability to learn might also be harmed." More

For Losing Weight, Calorie Counting Tops Fasting Diets - 2021-06-16
"Intermittent fasting diets are all the rage, but new clinical trial results indicate they don't work any better than simple calorie cutting." More

AHA News: Misguided Masculinity Keeps Many Men From Visiting the Doctor - 2021-06-15
"It's a fact that men are less likely than women to get preventive screenings, seek timely medical care or be vaccinated for COVID-19 or the flu. Men also have shorter life spans than women." More

Are Women Absorbing Toxins From Their Makeup? - 2021-06-15
"A polished, perfectly put-together face can be a huge boost to your confidence, but a new study shows that many of the cosmetics that help achieve that look might also be harmful to your health." More

Could a Type of Statin Raise Dementia Risks? - 2021-06-15
"Certain cholesterol-lowering drugs might speed dementia in some older adults whose memories are starting to fail, a small, preliminary study suggests." More

Race Doesn't Affect Risk for Genes That Raise Breast Cancer Risk - 2021-06-15
"Rates of breast cancer-related genetic mutations in Black and white women are the same, according to a new study that contradicts previous research." More

Many U.S. Mass Shooters Had Untreated Mental Illness: Study - 2021-06-15
"A new study finds that many mass shooters in America suffered from a mental illness that wasn't being treated when they committed their crime." More

Dirty Air in Pregnancy Might Raise Baby's Obesity Risk - 2021-06-15
"Children may have an increased risk of obesity if their mothers were exposed to high levels of air pollution during pregnancy, researchers say." More

Many U.S. Seniors May Need Better Knee Arthritis Care - 2021-06-15
"Just a fraction of older Americans with arthritic knees try physical therapy, pain-relieving injections or other more conservative measures before undergoing knee replacement surgery, new research shows." More

More Than a Snore? Recognize the Signs of Sleep Apnea - 2021-06-12
"Untreated sleep apnea -- which causes repeated breathing interruptions during sleep -- can lead to serious health problems, so the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) wants you to consider: Is it more than a snore?" More

1220 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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